Haskell projects

As a complement to the courses and articles, we present a variety of projects. Where the goal of a course is to understand a topic deeply, which may rely on some contrived examples and exercises, a project focuses on building a real piece of working software. As with foreign language learning, it’s best if you mix courses with real practice, even when that practice is perhaps a little bit above your current understanding level.

Most projects will feature a mixture of short videos and text accompaniment. We will announce the nature of the project, the topics covered, any prerequisites, and, to our best ability, an estimate of the time each project will take.

Shell Scripting with turtle

In this short project, we use the turtle library to write a short shell script that searches through all your local git repositories and reports whether you have any unstaged or uncommitted changes. Scheduled for release in May 2018.

Native GUI Clock

This project involves writing a native GUI clock application twice, once with the gtk3 library and then again with the fltkhs library, so we can compare features. Coming soon!

Starting your blog with hakyll and Nix

Making a static site with hakyll is one relatively low-friction way to begin working with Haskell and Nix in a real-world way. We’ll show you how to get your first static site up quickly and painlessly in this project. Coming soon!

The Making Of typeclasses.com

We made this web site with Haskell and Nix, and we want to show you how. This will be a series of projects that each demonstrates a portion of the site construction.

Twitter bots

Julie loves making Twitter bots, so this will be another series of projects, demonstrating different types of bots you can make with Haskell.