GHC 5.00

Introduced GHCi.

This version of GHC implements the ideas presented in Derivable type classes. It introduces generic classes,Generic classes in GHC 5.00 enabled with the -fgenerics flag (which will correspond to the Generics language extension in GHC 6.6.

This version introduces the -fno-monomorphism-restriction flagGit commit introducing -fno-monomorphism-restriction to disable the monomorphism restriction. This flag has the same effect as the NoMonomorphismRestriction extension which will be introduced in GHC 6.6. Consequently the -fno-monomorphism-restriction flag will be deprecated along with the appearance of -X flags in GHC 6.8.1 in favor of -XNoMonomorphismRestriction.

Other new language features:

  • Parallel list comprehensions
  • Functional dependencies

The concept of packages,Packages in GHC 5.00 previously introduced in GHC 4.08, is expanded upon. This version introduces the ghc-pkg command-line tool for managing the installation of packages.

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