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Web servers course 2018-08-11
We’ve started releasing the web servers course, which will explain a lot about HTTP and how to write network applications in Haskell.
I chose the “Validation” course to be our flagship course on Type Classes because it’s material I’ve tested with meetup groups. Taking the same starting point as one of my more popular blog posts, it successively refactors relatively simple code until we’ve learned about several of Haskell’s most important features.
We’ve added additional video formats, so videos should now be working on most devices. This post includes some details on how the HTML <video> tag supports multiple formats and how we generate DASH and HLS encoded versions of our videos.

Who we are:

Type Classes is Julie Moronuki and Chris Martin, producing videos and writing to help you experience the joy of pure functional programming.

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We believe that it’s important to approach Haskell from different perspectives. In addition to the structured courses, therefore, we also provide a range of materials to supplement the courses:

  • Videos and articles aimed at programmers coming from other languages that show direct comparisons between X in Python, Java, or other languages and how to represent that in Haskell.
  • Programming principles and mathematical concepts.
  • Other functional languages and tools, especially Nix and NixOS.