What's New
The various forms of Text and ByteString 2018-09-03
Check out our new Haskell tip, entitled Strict, lazy, and builder – It covers the various string types in the text and bytestring packages.
C∘mp∘se :: Melbourne 2018-09-01
Julie gave the keynote at C∘mp∘se :: Melbourne and we launched our new career as Haskell pamphleteers!
Web servers course 2018-08-11
We’ve started releasing the web servers course, which will explain a lot about HTTP and how to write network applications in Haskell.
Finishing the first course 2018-07-18
I chose the “Validation” course to be our flagship course on Type Classes because it’s material I’ve tested with meetup groups. Taking the same starting point as one of my more popular blog posts, it successively refactors relatively simple code until we’ve learned about several of Haskell’s most important features.
Video player improvements 2018-07-10
We’ve added additional video formats, so videos should now be working on most devices. This post includes some details on how the HTML <video> tag supports multiple formats and how we generate DASH and HLS encoded versions of our videos.
Videos from Haskell Summer School 2018-06-26
Haskell Summer School has wrapped up, and we are back to work. Recordings of our classes are available.
ZuriHac and Monadic Party 2018-06-11
Julie just taught the beginner Haskell track at ZuriHac, and this week we are both teaching classes at Haskell Summer School in Poznań, Poland.
[Announcement] Prepare for launch 2018-05-31
We are in the final stages of editing the initial course and project, and that content is starting to go live.
[Explainer] Function pipeline monoid 2018-04-09
“A monoid is a pipeline of functions”? Be careful not to get lost in a particular example for a typeclass.
[Announcement] What to Expect from Type Classes 2018-04-07
Since our initial Type Classes announcement, we’ve been asked a number of questions about payments and planned content. Find out what’s available now, when we’ll start taking payments, and what you can expect as a subscriber.
[Announcement] Type Classes are Born 2018-03-30
On February 24, 1988, Philip Wadler introduced the idea of type “classes” for Haskell, as a solution to the problem of overloading. Thirty years later, we present Type Classes: a series of focused video courses on Haskell, Nix, and related subjects.