Updates to the Validation course

As many of you know, we took the content from the Validation course and turned it into a book. The book has been available on Leanpub and in print for some time. As we were writing the book, we found we wanted to expand the content somewhat and so we added two new chapters, one on Coercible and one on the prisms in the validation library.

All Type Classes members at the time of the book’s completion received coupons so they could download it from Leanpub for free; however, we had not added the new chapters to the Validation course, so that content wasn’t available on the site at all.

Until now!

Yes, we’ve updated the Validation course with two new lessons. Lesson 10 is about coercing, or converting between types that have the same underlying representation. In it, we extend and generalize some of the functions we’d written earlier in the course, and discuss what makes types Coercible. Lesson 11 takes a long look at the prisms in the validation package and how to use them as another way to extend and generalize code we’d already written. Those prisms are related to the lens library, so this is officially the first lens content on the site.

Currently, we’re reworking the Web Servers course into a book as well. We expect to make it available in early release soon. When the final version is released, everyone with a current membership at the time of its release will once again receive a coupon to download the book for free.