Free book for subscribers

As our latest Joy of Haskell monograph, Sockets and Pipes, is nearing completion, we have released the coupon that enables all Typeclasses members to download the book for free. You will find your coupon ready for use on your account page. Each coupon can be used twice, so feel free to share your link with a friend.

This also seems like the right time to address a few common questions about the relationship between Joy of Haskell and Typeclasses.

Typeclasses and Joy

Joy of Haskell was our first project, when we started writing a book together while we both had other jobs. The book we originally planned under that moniker has not yet been released, but we have a significant portion written. As our circumstances changed a little, we wanted to see if we could make a go at producing Haskell (and sometimes Nix) pedagogical materials as our full-time jobs, and Typeclasses was born.

Originally, we planned that the courses on Typeclasses would each get packaged up into a monograph: a relatively short, focused book that simply recapitulated the course in a different format for a different use-case. Subscribers would get to see the work in progress, each lesson as it was released (and, sometimes, video content), along with all the other content on our site that those lessons link to, whereas book readers would see a more finished and finite product.

The content on Typeclasses, therefore, is always more comprehensive (and continually growing)At the moment of writing, the Sockets and Pipes book has material in it that wasn’t in the original course, but a Typeclasses membership still provides access to all of it, whether it’s been put on the site at this point or exists only in the book. than the Joy of Haskell books will ever be, particularly since we write a lot of one-off articles for Typeclasses that may never make it into a book format. Because Typeclasses members are supporting the production of those courses and all the related content that we produce to accompany them, they can download our in-progress books for free.