Forward and back buttons

For articles that are part a series, we’ve added previous/next buttons at the top of the page.

This mostly affects our course lessons, but we’re also starting arrange reference pages in sequences. For example, after you read about semigroups, you may want to continue on to monoids:

What comes after Monoid is pretty great too.

This is going to be an important part of how we organize reference pages as we work on improving the discoverability of Haskell concepts. You don’t always know what you don’t know – That’s why we often find ourselves so dissatisfied with trying to learn from Googling.

Type Classes is designed to be two things:

  1. An interlinked web of resources where you can click to explore further when you encounter something that you know you need an explanation for;

  1. Guided routes through the things, for when you are undirected and wish to be led along a path for discovery without a specific aim in mind.