Stock deriving extensions

  • DeriveFoldable example
  • Using the stock deriving strategy

The Haskell report specifies that the following classes may appear in a deriving clause: Eq, Ord, Enum, Ix, Bounded, Read, and Show. We call these “stock” derivable classes, which means the classes and rules for deriving them are standard; stock deriving is the standard deriving strategy for standard typeclasses.

The following GHC language extensions make additional classes stock derivable:

Extension Derivable typeclasses
DeriveFunctor Functor
DeriveFoldable Foldable
DeriveTraversable Traversable
DeriveGeneric Generic, Generic1
DeriveLift Lift
DeriveDataTypeable Data

DeriveTraversable implies DeriveFunctor and DeriveFoldable.

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