Clock and reference

The first lesson in our new series entitled Timepieces is out today. Julie builds us a GUI app with a clock using FLTK (and its Haskell wrapper, fltkhs). Along the way we learn some things about exploring a Haskell API, and we see a great use of implicit parameters.

In Functortown lesson 4, Breaking the laws!, Julie introduces using the Hedgehog library to test Functor instances. By looking at “functors” that aren’t law-abiding, we get a stronger appreciation for what it means to be a functor.

Instead of a new web servers lesson this week, Chris wrote an overview of some of the differences between various parsing libraries. If you’re following the course, don’t miss it, because parsing is what we’ll be doing next.

And we have even more Haskell reference materials for you!

Delve just a little bit into GHC internals:

Learn in depth about Haskell’s rules for naming variables and types: