GHC 5.04

Rank-2 types are generalizedArbitrary-rank polymorphism in GHC 5.04 to rank-N types. This feature will become the RankNTypes extension in GHC 6.6.

Generalized newtype deriving is introduced.Generalised derived instances for newtypes in GHC 5.04 This feature will become the GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving extension in GHC 6.6.

This is the first GHC version in which the package name basebase in GHC 5.04 appears. It contains standard library that previously existed in the package called std. The base package does not yet have a version number; package version numbers will not appear until GHC 6.4.

New GHCi commands: :browse, :set args, :set prog, :show bindings, and :show modules.

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