GHC 7.2.1

  • DefaultSignatures
  • InterruptibleFFI
  • MonadComprehensions
  • NondecreasingIndentation
  • ParallelArrays
  • RelaxedLayout

Changes to language extension flags:

  • Removed Generics, added DeriveGeneric in its place
  • Removed NewQualifiedOperators
  • Removed PArr

Although GADT syntax had existed since the introduction of generalized algebraic datatypes in version 6.4, this version of GHC introduced the GADTSyntax language extension flag, which makes it possible to enable only the syntactic aspects without the additional changes to the type system that GADTs entail.

This version introduced Safe Haskell.

  • The Safe Haskell feature included three language extensions: Safe, Trustworthy, and SafeImports.
  • The SafeImports extension turned out to be short-lived; it was removed when Safe Haskell was redesigned for GHC 7.4. The redesigned version will be described in the paper entitled Safe Haskell.

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