GHC 7.8.1

  • AllowAmbiguousTypes
  • EmptyCase
  • JavaScriptFFI
  • NegativeLiterals
  • NullaryTypeClasses
  • NumDecimals
  • OverloadedLists
  • PatternSynonyms
  • RoleAnnotations

Changes regarding the Typeable class:

  • There is a new language extension,Automatically deriving Typeable instances in GHC 7.8 AutoDeriveTypeable, which instructs the compiler to automatically generate an instance of the Typeable class for every type. This extension flag will quickly become irrelevant in GHC 7.10 when auto-deriving becomes the default behavior.
  • Hand-written Typeable instances are no longer permitted.
  • Typeable can still be derived with the DeriveDataTypeable extension enabled.

Introduced the MINIMAL pragma.

GHCi now disables the monomorphism restriction by default.

This GHC version corresponds to base version

  • New: Data.Bool.bool :: a -> a -> Bool -> a, the catamorphism for Bool

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