FractalArt generator

The artwork on some pages was generated using Tom Smeets’s FractalArt FractalArt on GitHub package.

These aren’t really fractals, but that’s what the package is called.

Installation and use

The author gives installation instructions given in the project README. We found that we had some missing foreign libraries that we needed to install to get things working, but we had Nix fetch those for us during the stack install by adding this to our stack.yaml file:

    - zlib
    - x11

We found that everything else worked well, including the options flags. In particular, you can use the --file flag to specify the filepath where the resulting .bmp image file should be saved.


One interesting thing about the FractalArt package is that the executable is specifically designed for setting desktop backgrounds. It uses FFI to detect your screen resolution to generate an image that’s the perfect size. On Windows and OSX, it uses FFI to actually change the desktop background automatically.

Other uses

We first heard of this project via Ismail Mustafa’s blog, where the package is used to generate header art for blog posts. Automated Beautiful Blog Post Images Using Hakyll

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