GHC 6.0

Template Haskell first appears in this release.

  • The Haskell API for this feature, notably including the Q type, is located in a module named Language.Haskell.THSyntaxLanguage.Haskell.THSyntax in GHC 6.0 in the haskell-src package. It will remain here until GHC 6.4.

Introduced recursive do-notation (the mdo keyword)

Introduced the DataAPI documentation for Data in GHC 6.0 class in the Data.Generics module, implementing the ideas presented in the Scrap Your Boilerplate paper. This module will later be moved from base to the syb package, and the Data class will be moved to the Data.Data module, in GHC 6.10.

This release adds support for deriving Typeable instances.

  • Eventually (GHC 7.8, 11 years later) only derived instances will be allowed, but at this point hand-written instance definitions are still permitted.

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